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Catholic Homeschooling Sites

Here are some homeschool resources and other sites that are geared especially for Catholic families. You may also find Catholic home school support groups listed for your state in the State Information area.   

  • Catholic Curriculum Swap -The Catholic Curriculum Swap was created to provide an arena for CATHOLIC homeschoolers across the United States and Canada to resell the school books and materials they had used but which they no longer needed.
  • EWTN Homepage
  • Favorite Resources for Catholic Homeschoolers - Books, materials and suppliers outlined and reviewed by Catholic homeschoolers. Literature Study Aides, History Reading Timeline, Humor and Good Links.
  • Holy Family Homeschooling - This site contains information on California Homeschooling laws, getting started with homeschooling, homeschooling resources, and an in-depth Scope&Sequence for K-12 students.
  • Homeschooling Catholic - A website intended to be a focal point for general information on the Catholic Homeschooling Movement, which now has an estimated 90,000 students. A place where non-homeschoolers can learn more about the Movement as a whole, and find a quick and easy resource with information geared toward the uninitiated.     The site has pages addressing the different educational methods used by homeschoolers, and a very in-depth historical narrative which begins with the early influences of Catholic homeschooling, covers how it grew, and finishes with modern trends. Several pages of online resources also exist linking to Catholic curriculum providers, publishers, and retailers are included along with a listing of conferences and homeschooling-friendly Catholic colleges.
  • Keeping It Catholic - The Home Education, Faith and Family Web Site
  • That Resource Site - We hope that your visit to our site will provide you with many homeschool resources and new ideas to make your homeschool journey easier, fun, affordable, blessed and fulfilling for both you and your children.
  • The Vatican - the Vatican - the official homepage of the Vatican

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